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Common Boiler Problems Explained

Boilers provide hot water and central heat to homes and businesses and they are very common in Maryland. You probably never thought about your boiler until you started having problems with it. Quality boilers are designed to last for years without issue, but eventually things will go wrong. You should be aware of common boiler problems, so that you can spot them early – they include:

Gas Boiler Problems

Lack of Heat

A boiler producing inadequate heat or producing no heat at all is the most common problem. Typically, lack of heat is related to an improper change in water levels, the atmosphere inside your boiler or build up of mineral deposits (these can all be related). Check your boilers tridicator, which measures the temperature and pressure of your gas boiler. If your water level is low, you can try to adjust it. If your water level is low, you may also have mineral deposit build up and the minerals must be expelled from the unit by flushing it.

You can damage your boiler if you perform this operation improperly which may lead to a more expensive problem. If you are unsure of your mechanical ability, call a heating professional at Len The Plumber!

Expansion Tank Problems

Some boiler problems are related to the expansion tank. The problems can be caused by insufficient air and/or overflowing water. If you’re mechanically adept, you can check the tank and make sure that air is being properly carried in the tank. You can also compare the temperature at the top of the tank to the temperature at the bottom. The temperature at the bottom must be hotter in order for the system to function correctly.

Again, trying to fix things on your own can cause bigger problems. If you are unsure, call one of the boiler repair experts at Len The Plumber!

Radiator Problems

Issues with your boiler related to the radiator are often caused by a defective zone valve or air locked in either the radiator or the line leading to the radiator. Generally speaking, if the problem is related to the parts on your radiator – valves, etc., you’re going to have to call a technician. All of our trucks are fully stocked with the parts you need, so we can solve your problem quickly.

Electric Boiler Problems

Thermocouple Sensor Failure

The thermocouple sensor on your electric boiler is used to regulate gas flow inside the boiler. It’s found inside the pilot light flame and it monitors the amount of heat being produced. If your pilot light goes out, the thermocouple will cool off. You may be able to fix it by reigniting your pilot light, but you may also have to replace the part.

Water Leaks

Water pressure inside your boiler is critical for controlling temperature. If water is leaking from any part of the unit, pressure will lessen and your boiler will fail to perform correctly. While large leaks are easy to detect, water evaporation makes small leaks very difficult to detect. At Len The Plumber, we match the right technician to the job. Our tech will accurately identify your problem quickly so you can get your life back to normal!

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